You could certainly argue Northwest Arkansas is a bespoke market, many times largely insulated from national, external economic factors. The metro area is consistently raked among the top ten fastest growing regions in the country, and was recently voted as the #3 best place to live by U.S. News and World Report Magazine. Our local economy is anchored by Walmart, JB Hunt, and Tyson Foods, and the thousands of vendors and suppliers that support them. These three industry behemoths are all located within a 20 mile radius, and due to the economic support that these companies provide, it can be argued that we are unique in the way the national economy affects us. That being said, bigger bubble effects can be felt (and subsequently absorbed) when certain economic factors resonate through our local market and economy.

The single biggest notion to remember when considering Real Estate Investment is that, much like other financial markets, it is constantly changing and evolving. On a micro level, inventory levels change, even on a weekly basis. A profitable investment and strategy implemented even a year ago, may generate vastly different returns today. on a local level, the biggest factor facing our growing market is inventory levels and the subsequent demand, and how timing plays such a vital role, i.e. hold | sell | etc. As recently as 2015, feeling the aftershocks of the national economic recession, our investors made massive amounts of money with minimal capital outlays by simply identifying properties that were under performing and more importantly, having the capital and borrowing power to purchase these "distressed" properties that other investors were unable to obtain. Those retail strip centers, office buildings, and multi-family properties are now maximized and selling for as much as twice what they paid for them. While these properties viewed then as "low hanging fruit," are few and far between today, returns are still very possible in any market, which comes back to timing - timing the right investment with the right market conditions to maximize the organic growth and returns.

Our core group has over 100 years of combined experience in Commercial Real Estate and Real Asset Investment. Given our backgrounds in sourcing and originating income producing assets, we have gained broad experience and a full understanding in capital markets and evaluating the most intelligent investments - with a keen eye on "distinguishing between a full-fledged, investment operation and a speculative one." We have formulated a deep understanding of valuation analysis and wealth creation using non-traditional methods. Over the years, we have been a party to well over $1 Billion in private Real Estate transactions in 8 states and provide a plethora of services and strategies including:

- Raw Land Speculation

- Value Add Flips (Occupancy and Rental Increase Negotiations)

- Real Asset Property Management (Residential & Commercial Property Management)

- End to End Portfolio Management (Investment Analytics, Buy/Sell Strategies, Etc.)

- Straw Buying (Assigning of Brokerage Contracts)

- Contract Flipping (Shopping and Re-Selling Contracts, Prior to Close)

- Raw Land Large Scale Development (Research, Planning, Implementation, & Sales)

- Opportunity Buys (Sphere of Influence, Investor Network, Pocket Deals)

- Residential Development (Sales and Pre-Sales of Lots)

- Portfolio Building

- 10-31 Tax Deferred Exchanges (With Assistance of Qualified Intermediary and Attorneys)

- Multi-Property Trades

- Private Money Lending

- Private Money Borrowing

And many, many more.